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get in touch!

My Mission is Remission is dedicated to funding research and individuals who focus on using computational methods to find the sources and cures for Ewing’s Sarcoma and other pediatric cancers. My Mission is Remission offers financial grants and scholarships to researchers and students. My Mission is Remission also supports the well-being of pediatric cancer patients through sponsoring activities and purchasing equipment. The foundation raises funds through direct solicitation, community fundraisers and sponsoring the Splash4Gold national swimming meet every September.

My Mission Is Remission is led by the following members of the board:

Sheri Wallace-President
Linda Anderson-Vice President/Auditor
Debbie Huber-Secretary
Bekah Kleinman-Board Member
Mathew Mixon-Board Member
Robert Wallace-Administrative Assistant

My Mission is Remission

105 Pebble Beach Dr. Vicksburg MS 39183 US


Phone:     +1.601.629.7106